Friday, 21 January 2011

Heres and Nows price held until 26 February

Having discovered to my consternation that the entire first stanza of Come peaceful had been omitted from David Henschel's Heres and Nows, I have painstakingly gone through the whole book with simultaneous reference to the original typescript.

The new version of the paperback edition of Heres and Nows with the missing stanza of Come peaceful reinstated, and one or two trivial punctuation errors also corrected, is now available through this link: David Henschel's Heres and Nows, or via the usual link to the upper right of this blog post.

I am holding the price of the new edition down to GB£6.50 or US$10.00 on Amazon until 26th February, thereafter the price will increase to GB£10.50 or US$15.00. This is to allow sufficient margin for high-street bookshops to sell it.

As previously stated, anyone who bought the original version can have the new edition posted to them free of charge provided only that they email me telling me where they bought their copy and sending me a postal mailing address. This offer expires at the end of March 2011. Anyone I already know about and have a mailing address for will get a new copy free without having to ask for it.

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