Monday, 12 December 2011

Treasured Chests

Sharon Gordon's beautiful photographs
matched with poems old and new.
This is our second book! Beautiful photographs by Sharon Gordon of the nude female form.

The photographs are matched with poems, some well known and ancient, from Chaucer through Shakespeare to Whitman, one from the late Beat poet John Esam (a beautiful man whom I knew personally), and some new poems by unknown and previously unpublished poets.

This is a project that Sharon started way back in 2001. No-one would publish it, although I am told one company who rejected it then came up with their own version of Sharon's idea shortly afterwards. Anyway Sharon put her photographs in a drawer and forgot about it. Then she saw 'Heres and Nows' and realised we could go it alone without the hassle of using a big publishing house.

So much time having gone by, some of the original models no longer wanted to be in the book. Although we had signed model releases, Sharon never wants to create bad feeling, so she found more friends who were happy to have their beauty recorded.

In one case Sharon even agreed to take a photograph especially to illustrate one of the new poems - actually my own poem on page 52 - thanks Sharon!

The mood of the text varies from high art to humorous.

It is possible to get a hint of the delights within using the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon. Also I have uploaded some additional images - hover your mouse cursor under the 'Look Inside' image on the top left of the Amazon page.

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