Friday, 23 March 2012

Treasured Chests - Kindle edition

The Kindle edition of Sharon Gordon's Treasured Chests is in an advanced state of preparation.
from Treasured Chests

We could publish it now, except that Sharon is insistent that the design be as perfect as the medium allows. There is a subtle issue with the thin black margins on the left of the photographs disappearing - some quirk of the Kindle software which we haven't got to the bottom of.

Too many eBooks look as though they've been hastily converted from Word files with no proofing or editing. This is not how we work at Narrow Gate.

I think the whole design of eBooks needs to be reconsidered. When the first cars were made they looked like carriages without horses. It took a while for designers to realise that a car can be a whole lot of other, better shapes.

One example: designers spend a long time over book covers. When the cover is a work of art, the beginning of an eBook should not be the first page of text - the first page should be the cover. Opening a book is an adventure into the world of the author and it is a mistake to miss the true beginning.

More news soon.

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